The auditions for AMT will normally take place a couple months before the show actually opens to allow rehearsal time. The dates below are for the 2019 Season:

MARY POPPINS – JANUARY 8th & 10th – 6:30 PM

MAMMA MIA – APRIL 30th & MAY 2nd – 6:30 PM

THE FULL MONTY – AUGUST 20th & 22nd – 6:30 PM

The audition is usually conducted at the Flickinger Center (It will be posted if they are to be conducted elsewhere). You are one among several who will be performing on the stage and reviewed by the casting committee. The committee is a group of key people producing the show, including the director, music director and so on. During the auditions, you are asked to sing a short selection (sixteen bars preferred) and read a short selection from the musical (provided by the committee). Dance auditions are used if the show requires it.

Musical Accompaniment will be provided to you. We normally have a sound system for those with MP3 accompaniment.

Please remember that you will be filling out an audition sheet. The sheet has pertinent information to allow the casting committee to make more informed choices. If you are a minor, your parent or guardian will be required to sign the sheet to allow your participation if you are cast.


52 thoughts on “Auditions

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    • Yes to your first question. We want to hear something that is going to highlight your voice. As for what time, that has not been selected yet. Keep your eye on the website and we will let you know as the auditions approach.

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    • If you would like to be a part of a band or orchestra I would recommend coming to the auditions and filling out an audition sheet. The music director of each show will look over the sheets just like the director and contact people. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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    • Hello! Please check out our auditions link and the new post we created specifically for Fiddler on the Roof! We look forward to seeing you at auditions!

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  29. Hello!
    Myself and my my fellow theatre friends (all 4 of us are from a community theatre up state) are new to the area and are super interested in auditioning! Looking to see if you had a tentative rehearsal and performance schedule as it may effect our abilities to participate in the production. We certainly do not want to waste your time if we cannot accommodate to the prospected schedule!

    • Our Performance schedule will be April 8, 9, 10, 15 & 16. We usually have a schedule a week before that that consists of rehearsals every night. However, once the show is cast, I will put together a rehearsal schedule that works around the cast and their schedules. If you have any further questions, drop me a line at

      Hope to see you at auditions!
      Jeremy Patton

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    • Most roles (including dancers) have to sing the choral parts to a show. Usually for people who are not singers we ask you to sing something relatively easy (Happy Birthday or something similar) we just want to know that you can match pitch. Hope this helps.

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    • Auditioning is based on the roles available for each show. There is no age limit unless otherwise specified on the show’s page pn our website. Our summer show, Shrek, has no age limit.

  38. Hello! I am interested in auditioning but have never auditioned before. I read that people auditioning will be asked to sing 16 bars from a song they select. Should the song be from this musical?

    • The recommendation is that you saying something that showcases your voice. It doesn’t necessarily have to be from this musical


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