Baseball with Flames

Congratulations to all who auditioned!  The audition was amazing, with lots of talented people, a bunch of new faces, and some familiar ones.  If you weren’t able to audition, please consider a crew position on the show.  If you want more information on tech, costume or orchestra, email AMT at alamogordomusictheatre@gmail.com!

Mr. Applegate: Randall Cutts

Joe Hardy: Zack Miller

Lola: Jennifer McNiven

Joe Boyd: Loren Jackson

Meg Boyd: Joni Castello

Benny Van Buren: James White

Gloria Thorpe: Chloe Hagener

Doris: Gina Coy

Sister: Katie Babbitt

Mr. Welch: Bob Berger

The Commisioner: David Prose

Ensemble: Morgan Buhler, Tony Calderone, Robert Chanez, Talessee Chavez, Matt Choiniere, Harry Crinklaw, Selina Garcia, Katie Grabowski, Mason Peters, Jessica Slaughter, Kyra Zartner

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