455Congratulations to all who auditioned!  This audition was a really fun one with lots of talented people, a bunch of new faces, and some familiar ones.  If you weren’t able to audition, please consider a crew position on the show.  If you want more information on tech, costume or orchestra, email AMT at!

To those of you who are cast, CONGRATS!  Our first meeting will be Thursday, September 1 at 6:30pm at Chaparral Middle School. We will meet for measurements, orientation, reading and music.

Arthur – Loren Jackson

The Lady of the Lake – Jenny Damon

Sir Robin the Brave – Daniel Humm

Sir Lancelot – James White

Patsy – Zack Miller

Sir Galahad – Lee Austin

Sir Bedevere – Pary Bennett

Historian – Robert Coburn

Prince Herbert – Jacob Powers

Prince Herbert’s Father – Rod Barnes

Finland Mayor – Robert Berger

Concord – David Prose

Dennis’ Mother – Jessica Keller

French Guard – Eric Spotts

French Taunter – Robert Chanez

Wedding Guards – James Cox and Derek Cox

Dancers: Jessica Ansell, Casen Collins, Lydia Fyock, Brittany Hymer, Caroline Williams, Kyra Zartner

Ensemble: Katie Babbitt, Michael Kennedy Carrillo, Talessee Chavez, Jeremy Patton, Robin Ridgway, Jessica Slaughter, Jacob Spotts, Stacy Zevetchim



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