SAVE THE DATE: Auditions Continue MAY 19th!

Publication1The auditions continue this week for “1776”… just not when you expected! Due to some unforeseen circumstances, Auditions will continue THURSDAY, MAY 19th at the Flickinger Center! The event will begin at 6:30PM.  We continue to need a lot of men for the production (twenty-three to be precise). If you or someone you know has interest in singing and acting, encourage them to audition this Thursday! See you there!

What’s in an Audition?!

With the auditions coming up, we wanted to give some helpful tidbits that can improve your try-out! Below we have included a few points of interest that have come up many times in past AMT auditions. Please remember, none of the roles have been cast. We are seeking dynamic, talented and dedicated actors and actresses to fill all roles.  auditionssm

First Impressions

Here’s a good audition tip: When you walk in the room, be confident. The human brain makes over 27 judgments about another person within seconds of meeting them. These judgements are based on your posture, body language, voice tone, breathing rate, eye contact, etc.

Make a bad first impression, and everything you do thereafter is filtered through that impression. You’ll smile and they’ll think you’re afraid and nervous.

If you make a good first impression, you’ll smile and they’ll think you’re relaxed and confident.

Also, Be Prepared! If you stroll into an audition with no prepared song and “wing it”, the impression you leave could follow you into the casting (or a lack of casting) in a show.

The Slate

Another great audition tip: After you hit your mark on stage, tell the casting committee who you are! This is called slating. The Good Slate: “Good evening, I’m (your name here) and this piece is (your audition song here).That has class and distinction. Just remember to keep it simple.

In addition, choose the right kind of song to audition with! Many times people select “popular” music for their audition. Though catchy and fun to listen to, pop music often times does NOT show case vocal range. Sing for the show you are auditioning for! Also, if you are going to use an accompaniment track or CD, please make sure there are no vocals on it. Singing with canned music is fine, but we want to hear you, not the person on the original cast recording.

The Time Limit

If you prepared a song (and we really hope you have), you (usually) get one minute starting from the time you start your song. And one minutes is plenty. (In fact, the auditors will have made their decision relatively quickly after you have started.) So as to be respectful of everyone’s time, cut down your song. Rehearse with a stopwatch to measure how long it is. Then when you get to the audition, you won’t be rushed. If the casting committee cuts you off, don’t take it personally. It doesn’t mean you’re bad, it means they’re making their way through all the auditions as efficiently as they can.

Don’t Apologize

After an audition (and sometimes before), an actor becomes their own worst critic. Often times, hopeful thespians are tempted to explain themselves to the casting committee. They provide excuses or even apologies in hopes of gaining sympathy. Avoid this as much as you can. Thank the casting committee and leave the stage knowing that if you are right for the part, they will contact you. If not, know that you did your best. And remember: there are many other wonderful roles out there just waiting to be filled.

1) Be original.
2) Don’t be boring.
3) Stand out from the crowd.
4) Be fearless.
Break a Leg! We will see you at auditions!