Our Most Valuable Asset: Our Customers


Alamogordo Music Theatre would like to take a moment and say thank you to some of our favorite people, our patrons.  Particularly those who chose to spend last Saturday evening with us for our production of “Avenue Q”.  We started the evening with a couple of technical glitches, but managed to get things together within a few minutes, at least for the most part.  Now we in AMT know that the show must go on, and we, along with our audiences, have persevered through many minor challenges throughout the years. However, on that particular night a member of the audience was the distraction.  Though this person was removed, we want to make sure that if your night was unsettled by his actions, we would like to make it up to you.  Please contact any board member or one of the staff at the door either Friday or Saturday night with your ticket stub, and we will give you a complementary ticket.  Thank you again for your patronage!

Jeremy Patton – President of Alamogordo Music Theatre

Avenue Q continues this weekend at the Flickinger Center. Performances are April 15 & 16 at  7PM.

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