Avenue Q Auditions a Week Away!


Auditions for Avenue Q are just a week away and AMT is super excited about getting this tremendous show underway! Avenue Q is a groundbreaking show that combines Muppet-style creatures with human actors to create something adult, funny and very true to life. There are a broad range of ages, personalities and ethnicities that make up the tight ensemble of characters in Avenue Q. For a brief description of each of the roles, look below:

Auditions are January 18th & 20th at 6:30 PM at the Flickinger Center.

BRIAN – A laid-back guy married to Christmas Eve. Late 20s to early 30s. B2 – F#4 – Baritone

CHRISTMAS EVE – An archetypal Asian immigrant who wants to be a therapist and does a killer Judy Garland impersonation. Mid 20s to early 30s. B3 – F#5  – Mezzo Soprano

GARY COLEMAN – Yes, that Gary Coleman but now a superintendent of a building on Avenue Q. In our story, Gary can be played by a woman or a man. D3 – Bb5 – Belter voice or Alto/Tenor

KATE MONSTER – A Kindergarten teaching assistant, a bit older than Princeton. Mid 20s. F#3 – F5 – Soprano/ High Alto

LUCY – A boa-wearing nightclub singer who likes to seduce young guys like Princeton. Mid 20s to mid 30s. F3 – F5 – Alto (Belting)

MRS. T – Ancient, cranky, and thistle-like. The Kindergarten teacher who Kate Monster works for. (Non Singing)

NICKY – A bit of a slacker, who lives with Rod. Think Ernie from Sesame Street. Mid 20s to early 30s. B2 – B4 – Baritenor

PRINCETON – A fresh-faced kid just out of college. Bb2 – G4 – Baritenor

ROD – A Republican investment banker (resembles Bert from Sesame Street) who lives with Nicky. Rod is struggling with being gay and comes out over the course of the show. Mid 20s to early 30s. A2 – G4 – Baritenor

THE BAD IDEA BEARS – Two little bears who like to come out and convince good people to do bad bad things…in a snuggly way. 1 female voice (Mezzo) and 1 male voice (Baritone)

TREKKIE MONSTER – (Not to be confused with Cookie Monster, although the vocal resemblance is uncanny)- a monster who lives in the building on Avenue Q is very obsessed with using the internet for naughty things! Bb2 – Eb4 – Baritone

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