Two Weeks Away from INTO THE WOODS!

FullSizeRender3The Alamogordo Music Theatre has been hard at work on it’s spring production of “Into the Woods! Only two weeks away from opening and the cast has been furiously memorizing dialogue, polishing songs and acting their hearts out!

Make plans to attend at the Flickinger on April 10, 11, 12, 17 & 18. Tickets are ten dollars and are available at Alamo Optical, Books Revisited and the Flickinger Center.
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4 thoughts on “Two Weeks Away from INTO THE WOODS!

  1. I was supposed to be contacted about helping with sets and back stage but haven’t heard from anyone. I am still wanting to help if you need someone. Thanks, Robin Ridgway

  2. Hi Robin! Come out to the AMT hut (on the highway to Tularosa, just past Bowlin’s Running Indian, on the other side of the highway) on Saturday, from 9am – 11:30-ish. Any help is greatly appreciated! 🙂

    • Is there something that will say AMT hut on the location? Just want to make sure as I am still new to the area. Thanks!

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