Packed Like Sardines!

orchEven though the pit has been the pits these last several days (flooded twice) the Annie 2014 Orchestra plays on.  Led by Musical Director Lynette Wedig and Orchestra Director Josh Bryant, the pit is filled to the brim with 15 members.  Plenty of AMT veterans will grace your ears, like trumpet players Ken Gardner and Chris Berst; trombonist Ron Keller; flutist Tracy Brown, and Nanette Gardner on her clarinet.  Michelle Price is a newcomer to the pit and she’s keeping things shaken up with percussion and xylophone.  AMT is most excited about the newcomers from Alamogordo High School Tiger pride band.  Grace Hendricks and Garret Anderson fill out the trombone section, Abrianna Garcia plays double duty with the baritone sax, and clarinet, and Shelley Inge plays the alto sax.  Robert Anderson and his bass guitar keep the pace, and Connor Draney keeps everyone on the beat with his drums.  Shannon Nelson rounds out the whole thing with her tuba.  “This is the biggest orchestra we’ve ever had to my knowledge” says Lynette Wedig, “And I don’t think we’ve ever had a Tuba!”  Director Pary Bennett says “I know when Lynette is involved the music is going to be done right. She was my first and only choice when I decided I wanted to direct this show. What she and Josh [Bryant] have done with this thing has exceeded any expectation I could have ever had.”

Come enjoy Annie this Friday and Saturday night, August 8th and 9th, 7:00 PM at the Flickinger Center for Performing arts.

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