Your Cast of “ANNIE”!


Katie+Finneran+Annie+Broadway+Opening+Night+4M89YMABt6mlThere have been several requests for a cast list for AMT’s summer production of “Annie”… well here it is! Congratulations to everyone who received a role! Recognize anyone?


Juliana Brinegar- Annie

Alexis Shaffer – Molly

Danielle Spotts – Duffy

Brooke Casarez- July

Marley Ham- Kate

Madison Cronin – Tessie

Ashley Yarborough- Pepper

Madison Brown- Orphan #1

Tatum Randall- Orphan #2

Bailey Gentry- Orphan #3



Joni Castello-Grace Farrell

Samantha Armstrong-Lily St. Regis

Mrs. Hannigan-Ronnie Brockett

Megan Westwood-Boylan Sister

Heather Bash Boylan Sister

Julie Bryant-Mrs. Pugh, Chorus

Deborah Shields- Mrs. Greer, Chorus

Sage Drake-Annette, Chorus

Kalei Ponder- Cecille, Chorus

Savannah Hernandez- Chorus

Arizona Furphy- Chorus

Maggie Fazenbaker – Chorus

Hannah Shields Chorus

Suzanne Teilner Chorus

Heather Smith Chorus

Lani Kaihewalu Chorus


Chris Orwoll – Daddy Warbucks

Anthony Calderon- Rooster

Tom Fuller-Burt Healy

Loren Jackson – FDR

Michael Carrillo – Drake

Stephen Shaffer-Bundles

Eric Spotts- Chorus

Chip Bryant- Chorus

Arlen Alfaro- Apple Seller, Chorus

Sebastian Martinez- Street Urchin, Chorus


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