Your Cast of “ANNIE”!


Katie+Finneran+Annie+Broadway+Opening+Night+4M89YMABt6mlThere have been several requests for a cast list for AMT’s summer production of “Annie”… well here it is! Congratulations to everyone who received a role! Recognize anyone?


Juliana Brinegar- Annie

Alexis Shaffer – Molly

Danielle Spotts – Duffy

Brooke Casarez- July

Marley Ham- Kate

Madison Cronin – Tessie

Ashley Yarborough- Pepper

Madison Brown- Orphan #1

Tatum Randall- Orphan #2

Bailey Gentry- Orphan #3



Joni Castello-Grace Farrell

Samantha Armstrong-Lily St. Regis

Mrs. Hannigan-Ronnie Brockett

Megan Westwood-Boylan Sister

Heather Bash Boylan Sister

Julie Bryant-Mrs. Pugh, Chorus

Deborah Shields- Mrs. Greer, Chorus

Sage Drake-Annette, Chorus

Kalei Ponder- Cecille, Chorus

Savannah Hernandez- Chorus

Arizona Furphy- Chorus

Maggie Fazenbaker – Chorus

Hannah Shields Chorus

Suzanne Teilner Chorus

Heather Smith Chorus

Lani Kaihewalu Chorus


Chris Orwoll – Daddy Warbucks

Anthony Calderon- Rooster

Tom Fuller-Burt Healy

Loren Jackson – FDR

Michael Carrillo – Drake

Stephen Shaffer-Bundles

Eric Spotts- Chorus

Chip Bryant- Chorus

Arlen Alfaro- Apple Seller, Chorus

Sebastian Martinez- Street Urchin, Chorus



AnnieThere was an amazing turnout for the auditions for Annie! The casting committee wants to thank all of the wonderfully talented children and adults who came out and braved the audition process. Stay tuned for details on casting and other particulars as they become available!


50b6aa4c88adb.preview-620What’s the role you are trying out for? Ms. Hannagan? Daddy Warbucks? Or are you interested in sporting some red curls? Well the the wait is over! Auditions are tonight and continue tomorrow for AMT’s summer musical “ANNIE”! Now if you are not sure how auditions work, DO NOT WORRY! We have got you covered. Roles are available for men, women, boys and girls ages 8 and up! Be prepared to sing a short piece of music and read from the script. Please bring a Karaoke CD or sheet music. An accompanist will be provided or you can bring your own. If you wish to be considered for a major role in the show, please have a accompanied song prepared. Auditionees with unaccompanied songs (singing without music) will only be considered for the chorus.

We look forward to seeing you there! Drop us a note if you have any questions.







Annie AnnieWith AMT gearing up for the auditions for “Annie” next week, we thought it would be fun to take a trip in the way back machine to the last time we did “Annie” in 1989! The production featured Cinnamon Hill-Martin (above) in the titular role. 25 years later Cinnamon is now a candidate for a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and expecting her first child! No matter if it has been 25 years or 5 months, everybody in AMT is family. We want to wish Cinnamon all the best!

If you are interested in auditioning for THIS summers production, make sure you come to the Flickinger on either May 7th or 8th at 6:30PM. All roles are available. Come and join the AMT family!