Fresh Faced Flashback!

SG Colin, MaryA flashback to a more innocent time… England circa 1910. Mary and Colin are the main characters of “The Secret Garden”, a musical, based off the popular book, performed by AMT in 2001. Above are Ryan Thorp and Candace Scholz playing the precocious children in the story.

Coming in two weeks is the Alamogordo Music Theatre’s production of “Godspell” featuring 12 talented actors including Ryan Thorp from the image above. Come see him tackle the role of John the Baptist and Judas in the eclectic musical. Tickets are available at the Flickinger Center, Alamo Optical and TLC in the Mall. Performance dates are April 11, 12, 13, 18, 19 at the Flick. We will see you there!


Everything Old is New Again!

ANNIE Radio ShowTime for a Flashback! The last time that AMT produced “Annie” was in 1989! Above the lovely Boylan Sisters sing for the Bert Healy Show. It is one of Daddy Warbuck’s efforts to find Annie’s true parents.

If you have an interest in “Annie”, the Alamogordo Music Theatre is producing it again this summer under the direction of Pary Bennett. Auditions will be May 7th and 8th. If you want to audition for a role, participate in crew or construction or just help with the show, stay tuned to the web site. We will have updates frequently!

Scholarship Deadline Approaches!

Scholarship DeadlineOne of the primary focuses of the Alamogordo Music Theatre is to provide scholarships to students pursuing degrees in the arts. Coming this APRIL 1st, one of named scholarships will be due. The Don Fox Memorial Scholarship is named after one of our original board members and is awarded to a graduating high school senior pursuing a degree in the arts. If you or someone you know is eligible for the scholarship, please fill out the scholarship application and provide a transcript and letter of need postmarked no later than the April 1st deadline!

In addition, AMT has other scholarships to consider! We also award the Martha Julian Memorial Scholarship and the Ted Lewis Memorial Scholarship come AUGUST 1st. All applications and scholarship criteria can be found here on the AMT website under the scholarship link.

Who’s Got the Pain?!

DY Whos Got the PainOur Friday Flashback is taking a trip back to 1994 when AMT did the production of “Damn Yankees”! The second act starts with the number “Who’s Got the Pain?”, a mambo number that featured Jeremy Patton as Sohovik and Marjorie McNichols as Lola. Look at those ruffles!

Jeremy Patton is currently directing AMT’s spring musical “Godspell”! Make sure that you put it on your calendar! April 11, 12 13, 18, 19 at the Flickinger Center! You will not want to miss! Tickets are available at the Flickinger Center, Alamo Optical, TLC in the Mall and from the cast of the show!