Auditions are coming… Be Prepared

Auditions“Godspell” auditions are right around the corner and it came to mind that everyone deserves a chance at being awesome. After some reading, it occurred to me that there are some things everyone should think about when prepping for next weeks auditions. Just some food for thought:

“Remember, an audition for a show, isn’t just an audition for that show.  You’re making an impression on that Director, Music Director, Producer, etc. that could apply to other projects that they are working on now or in the future.  So even if you’re not right for that part, you could find yourself setting the tone for future auditions and productions.  And that’s why you always have to be on your game . . . which means doing your homework.  Because we know when you don’t.  And see, the thing is, it cuts both ways.  I’ve watched people come in that have been so unprepared that Casting Directors et al have written them off for that show and that could also not bode well for future productions.  Make the most out of every chance you have in front of a decision maker.  This doesn’t mean you have to be perfect.  It just means that you’ve got to treat that five minutes with respect, and be familiar with the material.” – Ken Davenport: The Producer’s Prospective

Auditions for “Godspell” are at the Flickinger Center, January 13 & 15 at 6:30 PM.  

During the auditions, you are asked to sing a short selection (sixteen bars preferred) and read a short selection from the musical (provided by the committee).

Musical Accompaniment will be provided to you. We normally have a staff pianist at your disposal and a sound system for those with CD accompaniment.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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