Rocky Horror Cast Announced!

rocky logoAfter a couple of great nights of auditions, the Alamogordo Music Theater is proud to announce its cast for its Fall Production of “The Rocky Horror Show”! Make sure you mark your calendars for the November 8th opening night. Check out the cast below!

Lacey Bishop – Phantom

Ronnie Brockett – Magenta/Usherette

Anthony Calderon – Dr. Frank N Furter

Karla Davis – Phantom

Keith Dodson – Brad Majors

Matthew Frey – Rocky

Kassie Hart – Phantom

Loren Jackson – Narrator

Samantha Krause – Columbia

Michael Monteagudo – Eddie

Jeremy Patton – Phantom

Arlan Ponder – Phantom

Jacob Powers – Phantom

Heather Smith – Janet Weiss

Ryan Thorp – Riff Raff

Amber Weight – Phantom

James White – Dr. Everett Scott

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