Guys & Dolls Flashback!

DSC04100Guys and Dolls is a favorite of the Alamogordo Music Theatre! We have done the production several times over the last  55 years! As a matter of fact, it was the very first production that AMT did back in 1958. At our fiftieth anniversary in 2008, Paul Foree and Ronnie Arn-Brockett took on the roles of Nathan Detroit and Miss Adelaide with great success. Have you performed in an AMT production of Guys and Dolls? If so, what year? Give us the details of YOUR production!.

2 thoughts on “Guys & Dolls Flashback!

  1. I love that I could make Ronni laugh during this show. She made me laugh and I couldn’t help myself. It was during rehearsal. I miss this stuff!

  2. I was Sara Brown in Guys & Dolls, around the late 80’s, early 90’s. I can’t even remember the date. It was a very fun show and I am still grateful for the opportunity!!

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