Medieval Flashback!

CAM men

Another Friday, Another Flashback! Found this photo from our archives of “Camelot”, which we produced back in 1996. You might recognize a few faces; Loren Jackson, Dan King, David Humm, Daniel Humm, Randall Cutts &  Kevin Jefferies. Recognize any others? Let us know!

Flashback to the Old West!

PYW CastCheck this one out! In the summer of 1993, the Alamogordo Music Theatre did the famous Lerner and Loewe play “Paint Your Wagon”! This was a promotional shot done in Alameda Park that featured the likes of Jim Huff, Jeremy Patton, Matt Haupt, David Humm, Berice Shepherd-Rosenberg, Ann DeRoy and Loren Jackson… just to name a few. Any one else you recognize? Let us know! We like to keep records for posterity sake!

February Friday Flashback

DY Ballplayers


It’s a flashback to 1994! The production was “Damn Yankees”, a mephistophelian tale of a baseball player who goes to play for the down on their luck Washington Senators. Check out the photo! There are the likes of Robert Coburn, Joe McIntyre, Tim McNichols and Chris Wallace, just to name a few.

Flashback Friday!


A little flashback fun with Katie Euler-Villasana and Geoff Kassler! This production shot was from AMT’s 2001 production of “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown!” Geoff played Schroeder, forever trying to thwart the advances of Lucy, played by Katie.

If you have a digital photo you would like to share for a “Flashback Friday”, drop us a note! We would love to see different perspectives from each show!