Shtick by Shtick, Glide by Glide…


featured above: Daniel Humm, Keith Dodson and Joni Castello

The cast of Putting it Together are polishing up their routines for their big opening night on October 26th! If you have not received your tickets yet, you can purchase them at several locations across town. Alamo Optical, TLC in the Mall, Holloman Outdoor Rec and the Flickinger Center all have tickets on hand.

Putting it Together is a show revolving around a dinner party where the songs tell a narrative of each character.  As the “party” progresses, the night takes on an interesting tone, exploring the many facets of relationships including the follies of dating, marriage and everything that happens in between. Beautifully written, the show features songs like “Pretty Women” from Sweeney Todd and “Being Alive” from Company.

Don’t miss out on a fabulous show! Show dates are October 26, 27, 28, November 2, 3.

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