Sign Painting

Think of it as a large coloring book! This weekend Joni Castello and Ronnie Brockett came out to trace and paint signs for our upcoming show “The Wizard of Oz”! Above is an example of their handy work. Be on the look out for when we post them around town! If you are interested in the technical side of theater, want to sew, paint or build; drop us a note below! We love to have fresh faces helping with AMT!!

A Chorus for Us!

We are pleased to announce the cast members rounding out the Ozian Chorus, Winkies, Trees and Crows!  Everyone has a part to play and we have the right mixof talent for our summer production! Come check out “The Wizard of Oz” this August at the Flickinger Center and take a trip over the rainbow!

Amber Weight

Autumn Pryor

Calab King

Chip Bryant

Clint Boroski

David Cuevas-Sell

Dax Bash

Elizabeth Brinegar

Joplin Sell

Julie Bryant

Laura King

Melissa Leslie

Rod Barnes

Spencer Bond

Stephan Comeau

Theresa Foree

Caitlin Armstrong

Danielle Spots

Dara Leslie

Heather Smith

Kayesli Westwood

Mackenzie Draney

Madison Leslie

Sage Drake