Those Lovable Munchkins!

Hey there! As promised we are presenting to you are very large cast of our summer show, “The Wizard of Oz”. Here is the list of young folk who are cast as Munchkins and various other roles throughout the show! Congratulations!

Allie England

Allison Ford

Amber Yarborough

Arlen Alfaro

Ben Barker

Caleb Blue

Cassidy Medders

Catherine Sparks

Connor Swindle

David Bryant

Ethan Folsom

Fiona Nunnelley

Gavin Bond

Joshua Spots

Juliana Brinegar

Kassidy Garrett

Lauryn Leslie

Lynnea Westwood

Marley Ham

Miranda Bryant

Morgan Sebring

Nicholas Brinegar

Sarah McGauran

Sheyenne Drake

Trenton Dion

2 thoughts on “Those Lovable Munchkins!

    • I have her listed as a dancer… I will be posting her and the remaining cast later this week! Thanks for keeping me on task!

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